A large part of humanity has been destroyed by a global nuclear war between China, Russia, North Korea and the USA. This global catastrophe has radically changed the world order. Since there was a lack of any necessary supply, a pandemic raged for many decades, to which many people fell victim. The fallout is spreading over a large area and therefore the earth is almost uninhabitable.

After years of searching, a small group was able to identify some areas that were not radioactively contaminated. In 2080, the rest of the people in these areas tried to create a new livelihood. The radioactive fallout made life impossible. The great war and its devastating destruction of our home planet forced people to flee. Mankind was forced to leave the earth.

On different parts of the earth, different factions came together to build space ships under high pressure in order to bring as many people as possible into space and to saving a part of humanity.

After a flight of several months through the undiscovered depths of space, you have finally discovered a planet. Planet Alpha. Read more...

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Current Planet


This is a bonus_ type_ Planet with the ID id_ and the coordinates corx_/cory_ owned by owner_. There are totalbonus_ bonus_ type_ Planets in existence. This type_ Planet is habitable and was discovered on date_.

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